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Creative Commons provides web service APIs which can be used to integrate the Creative Commons licensing engine into third party applications.

The following versions are available:

The current in-development API is described in the development version documentation. These APIs are currently in beta, and we are soliciting feedback and suggestions. As such, the API may change in the future.

The CC REST API source code can be browsed at http://code.creativecommons.org/viewgit/cc.api.git/. To download the source code, you can clone its Git repository by running git clone http://code.creativecommons.org/cc.api.git.


If you are using the staging version of the API, we ask that your code be updated to use the dev version instead. Requests made to the staging API URLs are still supported at the moment, but will be turned off in favor of the dev version in the near future.

Sample Code

ccPublisher uses the REST interface. See class CcRest in wizard/pages/license.py for an example.

Other example usages:

  • Python: The ccwsclient package provides basic abstraction of the REST interface via a Python class (ccwsclient SVN).
  • Java: The org.creativecommons.api package provides the CcRest class for using the REST web service from Java. Relies on JDOM and Jaxen. (org.cc.api SVN)

Your comments, feedback and suggestions can be sent to software@creativecommons.org.

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